Monday, January 14, 2008

Stitching Diva's ... 2

A few weeks ago, the Sock Diva's were hard at work. Gale has a pair OTN that have been the "purse sock." Although we don't have a picture to add here, be assured that they are well in progress. Melissa had finished her Confetti socks (blues and pinks) and I had proudly displayed my Meida's sock out of Bamboo (I still can't say enough good things about this fibre!). Alison was busy stitching up a pair of socks for her other half that are surely going to be toasty warm and pleasing to his tootsies.

In other news, I finally finished my faire isle sweater. It is warm and cozy and I'm very pleased with the finished project. I plan to cast a version of Hermione's fair isle delight (worn in the latest movie), but this shall wait until my knit picks harmonies arrive. Speaking of which, I am pleased to announce that the package was placed in the post on January 10 and ought to be here any day now. Trust me when I say how much I wish I could make time turn faster. The anticipation of this package is near destroying any contemplative and concentration powers I might possess.

I have been keeping to my resolution about giving those lonely projects in the WIP pile some attention. Recently I completed the front of my sleeveless turtle neck and cast on the back. Done in a cabled rib, with cables up the centre of the front, this version of the turtle will surely please. I usually don't like wearing turtle necks since they become quite warm, but with the lack of sleeves this version is sure to compensate for that little draw back. Hopefully this project will see completion sometime in the near future.

Also on my needles is another sock from the Interweave's Favourite Socks books. I received this book as part of a Christmas gift and plan to attempt a version of each sock highlighted within its pages. With the Meida's Sock completed, I have taken Gale's advice to heart and cast on the Embossed Leaves sock. It is working up quickly as the pattern repeat is easy to memorize and the basics of the construction are nothing new. If you haven't already added this wonderful book to your library, I highly recommend you do so as it is filled with tidbits of sock making advice, wonderful designs and handy little sock insights and wonders. In Favorite Socks, Interweave offers 25 beautiful and timeless sock patterns for every occasion in a range of techniques, traditions, and designs. The most pleasing aspect of this book is its design...I feel that ALL knitting books should be this kind to knitters...the spiral design allows the book to lay flat and makes following charts and reading patterns much easier when needles are in hand.

Well folks, that is all I have for updates, news and views this week. I promise to post a little more regularly now that life is becoming somewhat of an even routine, barring any bumps along the path. As always, we meet every Sunday and are beginning to hear some buzz about our little group. New knitters, experienced knitters, young knitters, aged knitters, out of town knitters, etc. are all enjoying our weekly meet ups and add some excitement to our Sunday afternoons. Here's hoping we see you there!!!!!

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