Saturday, July 07, 2007


Sometimes I amaze myself. The photo was taken by ME. The photo was edited by ME. The photo subject matter I give credit to whatever powers that had placed me in the right place at the right time and allowed this creature of beauty to pose so graciously long enough for my digital camera to capture her.

I do not profess to be some great photographic genius, or even a modest camera technician. But I enjoy the lucky one's when they happen. We were visiting some friends in Regina and waiting for them to arrive home. Upon walking around the yard to see what had changed and what had remained the same since our move, I rounded a corner and saw this beautiful creature perched upon the fence. What could I do, but snap away?


Melting in Saskatoon

The joys of living on the prairies often include phenomenal weather incidents where comfort is difficult to find. From the extreme blizzards of winter to the daunting downfalls in spring to the tornado infested early summer to the present, where the unbearable string of heat ridden days are only enjoyed by the the bomber sized mosquitoes!

It would seem that those of us lucky enough to enjoy the spectacular sun rises and sun sets marking the vastness of the prairie horizon have a price to pay for the beauty bestowed upon us. The past few days have been marked by temperatures in the low to mid 30's (that's Celsius for you Americans - not sure what the conversion is, but if you find out let me know). Humidex's have made those temps feel like the low 40's.

I am not one who enjoys the heat. I am not one who thrives in it. I am one who wants to find a cool corner of the basement (no air conditioning in this home) and curl up with a good book and wait until the heat wave moves on to shower unsuspecting Manitobians with its sticky, uncomfortable humidity. Although, I do come from a long line of sun worshipers and lovers, I never jumped on that wagon. Heat makes me feel ill, sun makes me burn and the humid, thick air chokes me. Therefore, should you be so inclined to view a few blogs from January or so, I do love the winter. It has been my experience that one can always warm up a lot easier than cool down.

So how's the summer in your neck of the woods; are you a sun worshiper who thrives in the high temps and heavy moisture laden air; do you find that the hotter it is the happier you are; are you a resident of the southern hemisphere where temps are soaring into the high 40's and low 50's?