Saturday, April 05, 2008

Traveling in style? What self respecting traveler wouldn't pack her knitting???? Here is my travel case ready to go and filled with all sorts of knitterly notions - including the Harmonies, a few projects, extra yarn (whatever would I do if I happened to finish two sweaters and a few pairs of socks before I even got to Brooks?). Always be prepared is what I say. The trip was wonderful, even though I wasn't able to get any LYS's. I knitted my heart out as my husband took care of the driving. It was a wonderful Easter trip.

Four weeks worth of Knitting...even with TAKE on active duty!

Four weeks worth of knitting, what does it get you? Well it results in a finished Titania top. I originally began this project in honour of Shakespeare's birthday (April 23, 1564) and endeavoured to complete it by April 23. Success!

It began like this:

And as time went on it began to take shape. Eventually I ended up with the thrill of being "done." "Done?" Well, not quite. There was still the seeming and endless end tucking to be accomplished. I hate these tasks as they are mundane, time consuming and not nearly as exciting as the knitting itself. However, in order to end up with a finished object they must be done. But in the interest of avoiding the ever dreadful hearding of the dust bunnies and the quashing of thier revolution...seeming and end tucking did I. On went the soap operas and coffee being poured I accomplished these tasks in a few hours and ended up like this...

April 4, 2008 - I seemed away until my brain felt like it would go into a mush like state. It did not seem to end (punn intended here). Young and the Restless kept me company. Avoidance is bliss. I validated my putting off of the major house clean (in preparation for the arrival of family and friends for my husband's 40th birthday celebration) with the need to complete the task at hand. It wasn't all that terrible, after all it was still knitting related.

By noon I had the seems the done and had to put it away to continue preparing for the birthday celebration. Even though my mother-in-law, a knitter as well, would surely understand my avoidance of house work in honour of a completed project, it would not do to have everyone walk into a house hold disaster. I admit it...I knit more than I clean and I'm totally okay with that.

The birthday celebrations went ahead, the house was cleaned and laundry was done. All the partiers took their leave and I sat and end tucked, again until my mind was numbed with the montony. At last the end were tucked and the top went into the Miele washer (on hand wash, of course). 38 minutes later she was set for the magical blocking experience!
Titania is now resting upon my deep freeze, drying into place. She is ready and willing to adorn me with her beauty. After all, she is named after the Queen of the Fairies herself! This pattern was inspired by the words of the Bard who describes Titania's boudoir thusly...

I know a bank where the wild thyme blows
Where oxlips and the nodding violet grows
Quite over-canopied with luscious woodbine
With sweet musk-roses and with eglantine.

The lace work reminds me of a Titania wardrobe. It is flirty, airy and delicate but strong, endearing and ever lasting. I can hardly wait to put this beauty on. Here's hoping she's dry in time for S'n'B Show and Tell.

Happy stitching everyone :)

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

An Interesting Perspective

Several weeks have passed since I've been able to attend an S'n'B. I miss my knitterly cohorts and the interesting perspectives they have on the universe and the worlds from where they hail. We have a new yarn enthusiast who crochets creations at a speedy rate. We have a scientific researcher who can almost stitch a BSJ in her sleep. We have a retiree whose unique perspective on children keeps us all in stitches. We have an administrative professional whose love of the macabre adds a dash of spice to our conversations. There is the fine arts graduate who enthusiastically stitches up shrunken heads and has formed a connection with our resident computer guru, whose love of unique items has led her to create a (are you ready for this) a knitted version of a dissected frog that reminds us all of Grade 11 Biology class. Yes, our little group has certainly grown and the perspective each member brings only adds to our world view and fuels our creative energies. I've missed the chats, the friendship and the knitterly connections.

Perspectives are an entity unto themselves. Whether we are mired in a work-a-day world or free to indulge our own creative fantastical notions, we all have a perspective. Many of them differ. Some issues give us pause, while they excite others. Yet other issues can bind us together in like opinions. But often, our perspectives are unique on many topics and issues prevailing in our world. The only similarity, it seems, is that we all do have a perspective and an opinion no matter what the topic. However, and this is the one valuable lesson I've gleaned since beginning our weekly knit and knatter, the one thing that binds us all and gives us a sense of communal collectivity is that we all enjoy playing with sharp pointy sticks and string and we certainly know how to use them.

As with all communities, we have a set of rules to follow; a culture that dictates what our norms are; a hierarchy of talents and skills; and the provision of an environment where we can all excel, learn, and share. The rules are simple: we drink coffee, tea or our beverage of choice; we discuss what's on everyone's needles; and we stitch. The norms formerly mentioned include the necessitated need to spread our disease love of our craft to others; sharing our knowledge amongst each other; and always being there to lend a helping hand when needed (although the latter may change if there is a yarn sale that we all attend…go figure). The latter is almost self-explanatory: we meet where ever we have space and our creative juices exude and meld and enhance one another and cultivate our inspirations (although many of these inspired moments remain within the group. Oh sure they may get cast on, but are quickly set aside to finish up other UFOs or delve into the next project that takes our fancy).

Now that I've let you view a snapshot of the whims that whirl around within my brain, I'll move onto other more knitterly things. So what's on my needles, you ask? I'm still working on Titania. She is coming along nicely and I'm very impressed with both the yarn and the pattern. Hopefully I'll have a picture for you in the near future, as I've just completed one half of the last sleeve…then it is onto seeming (and we all know just how much fun that its, don't we?).

So what's on everyone else's needles these days?