Friday, June 13, 2008


It is almost upon us, World Wide Knit in Public Day! We've been looking forward to gathering with all knitters across the globe to knit in public for yarn and sharp pointy sticks surely do provide comradery, solidarity and a fun way to pass the time. We truly do have more fun than a room full kittens!

This is just a short post for I must return to my charity projects to give away tomorrow. Our little group of yarn enthusiasts has decided to donate our FOs to local charities in honour of our giving spirits and to spread the love of knitterly pursuits.

Today I have completed a baby set:

A few weeks ago we gave Kudos to Pam, for finishing her very first project and for mastering the art of DPNs. This little strawberry hat is just too cute for words.

Pam is indeed a very lucky gal for Kevin, her friend, has been joining us. We suspect that he has taken up the needles to impress her. Wow...that is way cool :)

Gale worked on, and has since completed, her cotton tank top that combined crochet and knitting. It actually fit and she is, as she should be, proud of her accomplishment. She has come a long way from dishcloths.

Last on the show and tell pile is a nice shot of our door prize for WWKIP in the park on Saturday June 14, 2008. Glenda, of the Wool Emporium, was kind enough to finish this donated shawl and then turn around and donated it to us as our door prize (to be drawn at 4pm - you have to be there to win it). I'm sure everyone will covet the softness of the cotton, the beauty of the colour and wish it to be theirs! But only one can win...

And a close up:

Yes we still have our regular meet up going on Sunday June 15 at 2pm at MacKenzie Coles Coffee...

See you there? Now back to the needles :)