Monday, October 01, 2007

OTN (On the Needles)!

Greetings to all! It would seem our little group is growing as we welcomed a few new stitchers into our ranks. Mothers, Daughters and Friends joined in the fun as the Saskatoon Knitting Circle met once again this past Sunday! OTN (on the needles) were several hats, mittens, scarves and a dishcloth. Progress was made amidst the laughter and copious amounts of coffee were drunk. Most importantly, fun was had by all.

My own knitterly adventures have been been ripe with enjoyment, challenges, unexpected jewels and much clicking as the needles and digits never rest. Amidst cries of "I'm hungry," "Are there any clean clothes," and "What about me's?", the members of TAKE (Those Against Knitting Enjoyment) have been active and well in my home. BUT, I'm smarter than they and trickier too! Through all their efforts, I've still maintained steady progress in working through projects on the ever expanding Christmas list.

Currently OTN:

Another Hermeione inspired toque...(So far a purple and red version have been completed).

My Afghan that incorporates someone special's favourite colours is almost complete but awaits patiently rolled up in my knitting corner for the addition of more rows. Crocheted in a 1/2 double stitch on a size 4mm hook it is growing far faster than I can supply yarn to it. Who was it who noted that crochet uses up 3 x the amount of yarn than knitting? As a saged crocheter / knitter, I must agree. It has already eaten several super saver red heart skeins and now needs more. Although if the recipient was shorter, I probably could bind off now and save myself the efforts by creating a lap throw. Alas, this crocheter is not so lucky. On the upside, Oliver, our resident Knitterly Familiar, enjoys the progress thus far.

Other recently completed projects include a passel of toques to keep the heads of my loved ones warm throughout our long and chilly winters. I've recently rediscovered my love for Faire Isle. My current Fair Ilse hat jag has brought me a newfound love for the building of a pattern based upon stitching two colours together in sequence. Although, the technique is not new to me, it was made much easier by the inclusion of Continental (European or left handed) knitting. I have become quite proficient and comfortable with carrying my secondary colour in my left hand. This ultimately avoids the pitfalls of twisted yarns and the challenges in keeping the colours from mixing up and makes the reading of the chart all that much easier in that each colour resides on a separte side with the pattern cradled comfortably in my lap. Why didn't I ever teach myself to knit left-handed before?

My most recently finished toque incorporates this technique in a traditional motif built with burgandy and orange. What little guy in the midst of a Canadian would not love to show off this piece of art?

His sister will be equally as warm and stylish in this charming pink/peach coloured traditional Mediterranean/Arab motif.

Other completed projects have been discussed and described in earlier blogs. However, you might enjoy viewing my passel of toques completed thus far. As each one receives the final touches, my list seems to grow. Requests for Harry Potter inspired adornations and warm woolies keep coming in. My fingers remain ever vigilant to the quest of someday reaching the end of the list. Each year I start my Christmas creations earlier and earlier and each year the list grows longer and longer. This year, though, I have a secret weapon...I have taught my teenager to knit too and surely she'll help her Mom in completing the quest!

Happy Stitching!

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Sunday October 7, 2007
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