Thursday, December 20, 2007

Happy Christmas Knitting....

Christmas is fast approaching. Our group of dedicated stitchers has long been creating wonderfull and warm woolies for gift giving this holiday season. We are crocheters and knitters who enjoy the process of making hand crafted gifts from the heart. We all agree that the process of creation is a joy in itself, but when we see the smiles that the gifts give, our hearts nearly burst with pride. The creations area always received with many thanks and gratitude.

Traditionally, I usually make up some sort of Christmassy type ornament. This year I found (on the Stitchbook portion of Facebook) a pattern for a beautiful hand crafted angel. She is stitched with a 1.5mm hook with crochet thread/cotton. She can be made to match any decor as this cotton usually comes in a variety of colours. I've been thinking of developing a larger (suitable for a tree topper) angel out of worsted or sport weight yarn. I'm sure she'd be a welcome addition to any Christmas decor.

How many of you have hard to buy for teenagers? I certainly do. My 17 year old usually has everything she needs and when she wants something tends to go out and get it on her own. This cycle doesn't leave many ideas left in the giving basket. However, I hit pay dirt this year. I've noticed that fetchers (fingerless gloves) are all the rage amongst the younger set this year. They are quite a nifty little creation that add a fashionable accent along with a splash of practicality. By keeping the hands warm and letting the fingers be free to do their business, these lovely adornments add a touch of class to any young gals ensemble. I stitched them up in a mere weekend. They work up very quickly and the pattern can be adapted to suit any yarn weight. The matching hat is an aran inspired knit from "Charmed Knits." Hermione wore it in Prisoner of Azkaban on her trip to Hogsmeade. I've made a number of them for holiday gifts this year and even found some time to make one for myself as well. The pattern is now forever burned into my brain.

Our regular members have been busy stitching away as well. Kristin decided to give a camouflage bag a try. She's making wonderful progress and has become an accomplished crocheter. The pattern, according to Kristin, is very easy and the stitching is uncomplicated. However, she soon tired of the monotony and decided to set to work on a very cute and Japanese inspired toy. Kristin has been working on amigurumi (which means knitted or crocheted doll in Japanese) toys. Her current project is a lovely bunny loaded with character and love in each stitch. She has promised to bring the completed bunny to the next SnB. We can't wait to see it, Kristin!

Alison brought a beautiful eyelash sweater for show and tell. She spent hours of stitching and frogging, while working a night shift, designing this sweater for her daughter. Her daughter begged for this piece. As is the case quite often, she decided that she no longer liked the sweater (as it made all 92 lbs of her look fat!) and Alison inherited her own handiwork. She is beautiful in this caterpillar"ish" feat of stitching expertise!!! Way to go Alison!!!! Jeanette will surely covet this beauty as she has taken to enjoying the eyelash yarn and even created a beautiful scarf from the stuff for her own sister (who, by all accounts, loved every stitch of it).

NEWS FLASH! Gale finally completed the purse sock! (please stand for a round of applause). This sock has been in regular attendance at each SnB since the summer of 2007. It has been frogged many times, caused issues with heel turned, suffered a chronic case of dropped stitches and has been Gale's faithful companion for many months. The set is now complete! Gale expertly turned the heel, cured the dropped stitches, and flawlessly grafted toes each week. This past Sunday saw success!!! (Picture to come :) )

Jan, our most regular and faithful attendee, has been busy stitching up socks for her grandchildren. She's bound and determined to adorn each set of busy feet with pairs of love inspired warm woolies this holiday season. We were amazed that in a mere few hours she was able to complete a foot and a heel without any issue. Gale may have to forfeit her Sock Diva title and pass it onto Jan as she's a sock making machine.

The holiday season has kept many of our members from joining in the fun. We would all like to take a moment to wish them happiness for the coming season and into the New Year. I'm sure many thoughts are already turning to stockpiling gifts for next year! In fact, Melissa has noted that she plans on giving hand stitched socks. She's becoming another accomplished sock knitter!

Happy Stitching and here's hoping we will see you at the next SnB!!!!

Sunday December 23, 2007
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