Sunday, June 29, 2008

We all live for "Sock"undays...

We all live for "Sock"undays... Sundays have fast become one of the most popular days of the week. You might be asking yourself "Why?" Read on my friends, to discover new thrills to the end of your weekend. As a matter of happenstance, everyone, including our new joiners, was working on a favourite summertime projects... S O C K S! MacKenzie Cole's Coffee is definitely the place to be on Sundays in Saskatoon. Today reached a hot high of 30, but the air was cool in the air conditioned comfort of the back room but the discussion heated up and warmed the hearts and minds of the twelve knitters in attendance (you see, I wasn't joshing when I said that we are growing fast!) How do they find us? We've a listing on Kijiji, a home on Yahoo Groups, a corner of the expanding universe of Ravlery and signage all over Saskatoon. We host it and knitters come from far and wide. Today we welcomed a couple new knitters (thanks to Melissa's tireless PR efforts - she actually recruited them while shopping in a LYS). Most of our regulars showed with knitting and smiles and all had a wonderful good time, even though some started off a little shaky. Kate...what can we say about our new gal pal? She's beautiful, intelligent and a talented and dedicated little knitter. She began the afternoon fighting a loosing battle of lost stitches. She cajoled, she coerced, she cursed and she muttered. Her tenacious spirit held on and she struggled through convincing the little buggers to take their rightful place upon her Harmonies. Well, a bit of a stuggle preceeded the success, but all turned out well enough. The nasty little culprit of her "stress" lies to the left. However, she did a beautiful job on the first sock, didn't she? Question: Kate, how many meters of that dissertation did you accomplish today?
Jan returned to us, feeling much better. She has been busy during her forced rest / sick time this past week. She busy creating anlets suitable for flip flop lovers. I am still amazed at the speed of this knitter!!!
Jeanette remained dedicated to her "Trippy Toes" anklets. After a long debate on the exact definition on what exactly "trippy" means, she finally completed her very first pair of socks complete with a 1/2 wrapped short row heel. Jeanette is coming along as a seasoned knitter. She has even taken knitting to school and this is where the term "trippy" was born. Her best friend Nicole decided to admire Jeanette's knitterly prowess and thus came up with the term "trippy" as its best descriptor. She's already cast on the next pair.
Some of us indulge in a change of scenery on the occasion and step outside to enjoy the *cough* fresh air. This is where the best discussions happen. Our small satellite group decided that upon reaching 50 and 60 years of age we ought to do something special to commemorate and to embarrass of familial survivors. It is certainly good to have goals in life. Welcome back Alison. We missed you in your absence. Alison's niece, Leanne, was working on a beautiful waving lace sock from her "Box of Sox" patterns and provided encouragement and a bright smile. Whereas Alison also worked away on a set of socks that she's not so enamoured with. Our resident "Plant Assasin," Mary continued knitting up a pair of beautiful pink varigated self dyed socks with pink fingers (this is always the tell tale sign of Mary's bursting creativity...she dyes her yarns before group!) And, now onto Melissa...our resident frogger... We were all shocked as she walked in adorned in an uncustomary frock that flowed and showed off her beautiful was pink AND a dress...yes I took pictures...
Melissa, switched between working upon her Beaudilaire and the BSJ, both of which have seen a few time outs, some frogging and restarts...
(Yes, Melissa, you were sitting right beside Mary and missed the yarn once again!)
Throughout the afternoon laughter and clicking went hand in hand. We certainly bring life to little shop on the corner. Conversations range from endearing to controversial to downright risque. We are a group that knows how to have and how to welcome others into the fold. Opinions change, personalities differ but one things remains constant, as Melissa had recently dubbed the phenomena, "We all live for Sundays!"
NOTE OF INTEREST: Mary is headed off to a Woman's Retreat at St. Michael's in Lumsden this coming weekend where teh focus will be on all things yarn and spreading the disease (oh yes, then there is that spiritual awakening and self discovery stuff mixed in). Have fun Mary and we'll see you upon your return.