Saturday, December 15, 2007

Progess was made...

Sunday December 15 found a group of yarn enthusiasts stitchin', bitchin' and sippin'!
We held a mini sock seminar, cast on cuffs, stitched up mittens and shawls and solved world issues.

Gale and Melissa both fought with thier respective socks. It would appear that Melissa has a tendency to try things backwards. She fought with learning the ins and outs of sock construction and made some progress under the fine tutelage of our very own Diva, Gale. Jeanette, our smiling bit of Sunshine, once again pulled out her mousy mittens. We are almost done these fine examples of knitterly expertise. She completed her eyelash scarf for a Xmas gift and continued on with the completion of the final mitten! All that is left is to embroider the face and stitch up the ears and these beauties will adorn her hands and keep her fingers toasty for the remainder of the winter. I'm very proud of my gal.

It would appear that not all teenagers are as eager to join in the fun. Alison's very own 17 year old would rather stab herself in the eye than be caught with our group. Keep up the recruitment efforts for I'm sure your gal is as eager to discover her inner knitter as mine was :)

Many of you wonder what exactly we do with our free hours during the week. Well we stitch and we dream of interesting, yet somewhat twisted ways, to spend our time. Our resident twisted expert, Alison, is showing off her Shrunken Head purse. What self respecting woman wouldn't love to complete her ensemble with this whimsical yet useful accessory? One can put all their particularly "nasty" thoughts inside :)

Mrs. McCready, Gales Mom, finally completed the bulk of her shawl. She busily learned to pick stitches and continued on - nearly completing one cuff! Even though we were patternless (we all agreed that it surely must have been Gale's fault as the pattern was left behind, we were able to make well-educated "guesstimates" on how many stitches, how many rows and the type of ribbing to complete. In a richly deep blue/navy, Gale's Mom will be warm and toasty all winter long.

Since Mrs. McCready's shawl was stitching up so beautifully, Jan decided to start on her own. The colourway is forming a beautiful pattern in hues of blue. Although she expressed concern over "never being able to complete something for herself," Jan has made great progress and I'm sure will show off her finished project in the weeks to come. It would seem that Jan suffers from a rare form of Startitis: whenever someone sees a bit of her work, she must once again cast on a project for someone else and leave her beloved WIPs to the mercy of the UFO pile. On the up side, though, it would seem they are keeping one another great company. Sweaters and Shawls have become fast friends.

As for myself, I've finally been able to cast on a sweater destined for myself. I plan to deflect and ignore all the cries of "but I need one;" "it is so beautiful, I just must have it!;" and the ever popular "PLEASE oh PLEASE let it live with me." Even when the begging is combined with the puppy dog eyes and the getting down on the knees I shall resist the urge to give up my chocholate brown faire isle pull over for this time it will rest upon my very own shoulders!

The sad part is that I cannot use my knitting machine as it is done in the round and. therefore, I must suffer the madness that miles and miles of stockinette construction induces. So come on and join in my madness. We'll be meeting again at:

Mackenzie Coles Coffee
Gray Avenue and Central Avenue
Saskatoon, SK

2 pm

Sunday December 16, 2007

Happy Stitching!