Thursday, August 31, 2006

Real Women JUST DO IT!!!!

Have you ever been in line at the grocery store and heard a gaggle of housewives condemn thier lifestyle due to lack of inspiration? Have you ever sat in a coffee only to have your peace and tranquil solitude be interrupted by the flock of career women intent of "one upping" one another in the SUPER MOM category? Have you ever just been plain frustrated about the literature and magazines demoralizing attempts at "rescuing" the career housewife and building the pedistol higher for the woman who "has it all?" I have been in all of these and more situations where I'm tired of hearing complaints about all of the taboos about being a mom, career minded, intelligent and the apparent stigmas that exist within the female world.

Why can't women just do it! It, in my opinion, is a matter of personal choice. If all one wants to be is a Mom who is lucky enough to be able to "stay home" and make home making her career, then why shouldn't she? However, as one who made that choice years ago, most other women heap a pile of guilt upon women in such a position. Putting the emphasis and priority on raising kids yourself and building a stable, productive environment for them to grow up and thrive in seems to be the way of the 50's "Leave it to Beaver Mom." In modern times, women tend to look down upon those of us who did not choose to spread ourselves and become the "SUPER MOM" of the 2000's.

Although, if, like a number of my friends, the luxury to be income free and stay at home does not exist, then it is off to the work place we go. But that comes with a price too. It would seem that the career home makers are fairly harsh on the pursuit of fulfillment and challenge in the work place as well. By leaving our kids at the babysitter and heading off into what is normally seen as the man's arena, we face a lot of hard looks, guild laden comments, and just plain harshness for choosing to keep our minds in a healthy place and by exercising that muscle. Is it really so terrible to want to keep pace with our inner desires and pursue educational and professional goals once we become a Mom???

Like I said, it is from women themselves that women of both worlds face criticism. No matter what we choose, we fend off the critical glances, the harsh stares and the guilt that is thrown our way. But instead of talking about the pros and cons of finding our way through the journey of life, a lot of us make do with what we have.

As a women, finding our true path to fulfillment and meeting the expectations of the world in our numerous roles does not often come easy. But what a number of us often forget is that many of us JUST DO IT. We make it through the days and nights with new borne babies, the endless laundering of grape juice stained attire, the constant quest to rid our homes of sticky finger prints and end up, when all is said and done, finding happiness in the end. Whether it is accomplishing a fabulous master piece during craft time or drafting a wonderous and fabulous business proposal, we strive for and reach the same place in the end. However, my prime pet peeve is those of us who clamour for the approval and acceptance of others who do not truly understand the challenges set before us. They would rather talk about it, complain about it and forget about the hoards of others who JUST DO IT!

So I hope you join me in getting out of the endless grocery store lines, jumping off the coffee bar stools and diving into the pool of life. The wonders that can be found by making our own way are endless. Whether you thirst for equality for all women or merely seek out a little niche you can truly be happy within- the time has long past for talking about it...JUST DO IT!