Sunday, September 16, 2007

Sept 16 Knitterly Meet Up

Today's meet up was a great success! Although our numbers were few, we felt the comradeship that stitching in public affords us. We bonded with a new member, accomplished some much needed progress on our projects and infused our systems with caffeinated fuel that allowed our fingers to fly.

Our group has grown. Jan, a knitterly friend, who is well accomplished in many stitching adventures, met with us for the first time. She has known the joy of knitting socks to keep her families tootsies toasty. She has infused many a sweater with love that wraps her receivers in the warmth and joy from her heart. She has crocheted, beaded and quilted many a miracle. Welcome...Jan and we hope to see you back very soon.

As always, onlookers watched us intently and we suspect that we saw a few knitters in hiding as our row counts grew. We were visited by a friend or two who took away amazement at our accomplishment. By the end of our session, we were proud of ourselves. A Rider themed Afghan, warm and cozy socks and baby ensembles adorned our needles as we filled the coffee house with laughter, fun and clicking.

Some of our group were busy living outside of the land of knitting. Teaching, learning and family obligations kept many of you from joining us today. But, and I have it on good authority, that you plan to return. (We haven't scared any of you off yet!). We missed your senses of humour and creative spirits today.

Those of you who missed today...we look forward to getting together with you next week! Don't forget to tell your friends to join us as well (we are not above kidnapping, as Rai is so fond of reminding us). Help our numbers grow, for as a group we will bond over the love of stitching.

Our next meeting is scheduled for:

Sunday September 23, 2007
McKenzie Coles Coffee
Corner of Gray Ave. and Central Ave.
atoon, SK

See you all there!!!!!

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