Tuesday, September 11, 2007

A Frustratingly Stitchin' Good time!!!!

Okay, I give up for tonight! I actually had a pretty productive knitting day (in between quashing the dust bunny revolution and minor conflicts between the laundry machines and the vacuum) and finished up most of the housework. Completed a set of ankle socks (albeit there are plain with nothing fancy but a bit of self patterning yarn...I always feel so very talented when looking at the completed product). They are for my sister...so one person is done and off the Xmas list!!!! Woo hoo am I good or what?

I've come to discover that non-knitters of the world do not see the finishing of a beautifully hand knitted a priority above that of having clean clothes to wear to work or school, having a meal or two in between, and they have actually had the nerve to expect me to TALK to them in the middle of counting rounds! I believe this is a conspiracy, I tell, the non-knitters of the world are attempting to overturn our addictive tendencies and drag us away from sock knitting.

However, the Knitting Goddess is NOT pleased with me. I not sure what I did but she saw fit to blow on through and totally destroy my attempts at knitting lace for a sock cuff tonight. After hours of searching through pictures of pretty tootsy warmers all over the internet, I finally found one that pleased me and begged me to make it up...the cuff is actually knitted lace in the Baby Fern Pattern. You can find proper credits on the Yarn Harlots web log (where I found these beauties).

Construction is not rocket science, but my attempts were thwarted by husband and kid and yes cats too. After three frogs I finally saw some hope and the pattern repeats were actually working for about 6 rows and then WHAMMO the Goddess got me. Turned out I had 2 too many stitches and that is why my work didn't closely resemble hers. So that's it for this eve! Stupid LACE!!! Can I stab a 2.5mm through my eye now?

At any rate, I shall return to it tomorrow. Trust me this is NOT a Stitch'n'Bitch type of project. It takes real concentration and even involves a bit of MATH (Sorry for using the 4 letter word). I think I need some actual peace, tranquility and many spells cast about me to keep the Goddess's playful tricks away :)


AlisonH said...

Is that BW's Vine Lace on that cuff? It's a simple pattern, but it's easy to get off by a stitch and go nuts with it, and even now that I have much more experience than when I first tried that one, I find I have to pay real attention to the beginning of each row so I don't flub it. You have my great sympathies there.

Bonnie Thompson Zink said...

Actually, it looks to me like a Baby Fern lace pattern...at least that is the one I chose to make for my version. I have yet to complete the toe decrease on the first sock and haven't even thought of completing sock #2. I think I've been traumatized by the lace!!!!