Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The Frog Queen in Action!!!


Frogging. What can we say about it. It can be therapeutic to some knitters. It can be frightful to others. But it is part of knitting. We are only human and sometimes our knitterly pursuits go terribly wrong. This week we are highlighting the Frog Queen action.

This past Sunday was extra special. Although our numbers were small, we did observe an extra special treat... The Frog Queen (aka Melissa H. or the Yarn Girl) showed us her stuff. Gale had experienced an egregious gauge error. After much debate, coaxing, and convincing Gale finally handed over the "sock" (or shoe bag, as we dubbed it - this thing was truly enourmous and big foot himself would have had trouble wearing it - even if it was shrunk!) to Melissa who happily frogged along.

Extra special thanks to Jan, the Frog Hand Maiden, who graciously offered her assistance. enjoy the video and feel free to send your condolences to Gale at rai dot cara at gmail dot com.

Although Gale's mystery sock mysteriously turned into a shoe bag and ultimately met the fate of the Frog Pond, we had other successes!

The mystery sock before meeting its fate...

Leanne made a day trip to Regina and haunted the local shops (The Golden Willow and Hip2Knit). She came with treasures in tow and showed them off. Lots of ooooh's and aaaaah's were had as we all joined in the petting rituals of the nifty finds she found. She also finished another sock. She is embracing the sock addiction like a seasoned knitter...

Mellissa finally won the battle of the BSJ and completed the jacket, a tiny berry hat and one bootie. What a lucky baby the recipient will be!

Marion completed knitting and felting this adorable hand bag (which carried her supplies and projects to group).

Finally, I decided to take a dip in the designer pool and built my favourite technique into a sock (yes, I too am quite addicted to both cables and socks). One is done and the second is currently in progress...

The "Crack Lady" cast on (or, Judy Becker's Cast on Method as demonstrated by sock guru"ess", Cat Bordhi). This has quickly become a favourite method within our group...can be found at...

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