Monday, August 20, 2007

Stitch 'n' Bitch! (An Inspiration inspired gathering)

What the Heck is A Stitch 'N Bitch?

Basically, it's a bunch of people getting together to do some sort of craft (knit, crochet, cross stitch, etc), and gab while doing it. It's as simple as that, nothing pretentious at all, and at the same time it's continuing an age-old tradition.

Did you know that in the old days, 100 years ago or so, on the weekends, the women would take turns coming to each others houses and doing the mending while dishing out the latest gossip? In some places, people brought their own stuff, and in others, you showed up to do the mending for the house. It must have been awesome to have a band of ladies descend upon your basket of socks that needed darning, and go at it with gusto.

Today, you bring your own stuff.

And you're generally not doing much mending, but rather creating - and boy is there a lot of fun stuff to create with! The benefits of doing this in a group setting are great - not only do you get away from distractions at home, such as phone, computer, etc, but you have a bunch of people whose brains you can pick! And it's not just for women anymore.

Even if you've never knitted in your life, do show up if you have the slightest interest to! Someone always brings extra yarn and extra needles, and is happy to show you how to get started. Stitch 'n' Bitches are not just for knitters either. The group welcomes crafters of all types and sizes. As long as it is portable and doable while visiting, then bring it along and have some fun.

So discover your sense of adventure, your inner creative muse, grab a bag and fill it with yarn and needles or whatever your heart desires and join us! Send me an email to find out the details of the next gathering and CREATE!

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