Monday, August 13, 2007

An Inspired moment...

As my blog is entitled "My Inspirations," I thought I'd share the product on one of those inspirations. Can you guess what the central character/object is? I look forward to your reviews, comments, and your overall impression. Now for the main event:

The Precious Item

Light filters through a window of a dark room, shimmering off of particles in the air encircling the silhouette of a large muscular man. For his size the man is amazingly nimble, as he opens a small box with one hand working his fingers with awe inspiring accuracy and delicately draws forth one of the precious items contained inside. He studies the item intently, gently turning it over and over with his fingers; it has the diameter of a pencil and is no longer then one of the digits that now manipulates it. He proceeds to tap it on the small table at his side ever so gently listening closely for the perfect tone that it produces, tap...tap...tap. You can tell that the item has passed its inspection as he moves it to his mouth and gingerly nestles it between his lips.

His hand smoothly moves towards the table once again to snatch up the implement needed to produce the flame that will enable the item to satiate the relentless and unquiet cravings that have plagued his every thought and motion. His nimble fingers manipulate the implement and a loud CLICK breaks his envelope of silence. A bright flaring flame, accompanied by the slight sulfuric smell of flint against flint, illuminates the deep wrinkles of his well weathered face. His olive skin tightens as his lips clamp upon the item. The flickering flame highlights a strong jawline with a prominent cleft in his chin and a mustache that creeps around his lips and meets the cleft. As the flame continues to flicker his eyes are drawn to its centre. Eyes that have seen many things in this world, eyes that have captured too many experiences to count and eyes that conceal much wisdom seem to be held within the hypnotic spell of the flame before them.

His hand draws the flame ever closer to the precious item. It finally meets the end of the item and ignites its very tip. The man draws in a deep breath and the tip of the item begins to glow an ombre red. The air around him is immediately infused with the acrid scent of the item. His chest rises and falls with the rhythm of comfort as his lungs fill. He extinguishes the flame with a smoke filled exhale and settles down to enjoy his precious item.

He knows of the consequences. He realises the costs. But he decides that one more moment with his precious item will get him through. The shame is that a whole family will lose their hero when his little precious items take his life. This is the wisdom that he missed. Maybe the eyes could have learned just one more bit of wisdom!!


Julie said...

smoking kills you! Even the "wise" miss (or ignor) this or take a gamble. Well written Bonnie.

Bonnie Thompson Zink said...

Thank you, Julie!